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About us

Here at Caffe Assist, we know coffee. We know what it takes to make it perfect, and we know how that can facilitate your business. Twenty years as a café owner has taught us that. Our machine is a masterpiece of industrial design, what it does is simple but extraordinary, perfectly steamed milk , consistent every time.



A masterpiece of industrial design, the Caffe Assist monitors the milk profile and temperature during the entire process of heating, steaming and stretching of the milk – in the same way as an experienced barista. This labour-saving technology is programmed by touch screen to ensure an efficient and consistent service that allows for increased positive engagement with customers.


Our Journey

Join us on our journey to discovering the best coffee spots, the top baristas, how to create the best espresso and more! Our mission is to improve our knowledge of coffee from bean to pour.


Why Caffe Assist?

Designed to automatically and perfectly steam milk of any variant, delivery quality and consistency every time. To Increase productivity without comprising quality of your end product. This labour-saving technology is programmed by touch screen to ensure the perfect coffee every time. The machine is a self -cleaning machine, stopping build-up of milk residue and reducing risk of cross contamination of milk batches, ensuring quality control and consistency of flavour. Energy efficient only requiring one power source and sits easily on existing espresso machine. Each machine comes with 24-hour remote tech support.


Perfect milk for the perfect coffee, every time.

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