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About Us

Caffe Assist is the brainchild of Bill Purton, a medical scientist and prolific inventor. His passion for coffee in all its forms – from roasting, experimental blending to pouring the perfect cup – led him to start Atomica Café in 1995, over 20 years ago. Everything he does must always be the best, without compromise and this same rule applied to his in-house roasting and coffee appreciation classes. Atomica customers enjoyed the same experience no matter what time of day or what day of the week, year in and year out, no matter who was behind the machine.


This culture was ahead of its time and is now known as “the third wave”.  Atomica was sold on 5 years after its inception to fund newly invented products.


So where did his idea for Caffe Assist come from?


Not known for his patience, back in 2012, Bill was waiting for over 25 minutes for a take-away café latte and became so exasperated that he started analysing what was causing the delay. The problem was how to decrease the wait-time and still get the perfect latte – preparation of the milk was the critical area of interest.  By the time his coffee eventually arrived, he had already sketched the broad design for the Caffe Assist on a paper napkin – corny but true.


Over the next three years he developed and patented Caffe Assist. Hands-free frothing of milk and all alternative milk products to the level of an expert barista, always perfect every time. Added to all it’s programmable features, Caffe Assist is also self-cleaning – no longer is it even necessary to wipe the steam wand with a rag or even purge the steam line before and after each use, its now done automatically.


The first model “Legato” attaches to a steam outlet of any commercial espresso machine and is now in full production with Caffe Assist models “Autonomo” and “Incassato” already on the drawing board, as we speak.